Tbit™ Blood Testing Platform

Concussion and other TBI

In most cases, TBI is diagnosed based on a range of subjective, symptom-based tests that are frequently inconclusive. The lack of a rapid, objective diagnostic tool means that a significant percentage of brain injuries go undiagnosed or are diagnosed inaccurately each year. An objective point-of-care system able to diagnose TBI in minutes at the time of injury could have significant benefits, potentially leading to faster and more appropriate treatment. It may also help many patients avoid exposure to high levels of radiation and costs associated with unnecessary CT scans.

BioDirection is working to develop the Tbit™ blood test as the first portable, rapid point-of-care testing platform for the objective diagnosis and management of concussion and other traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Tbit™ blood test measures levels of two clinically validated proteins (S100β and GFAP) that release into the bloodstream immediately following a brain injury.

Not FDA approved and currently for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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